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Precision Targeting for YouTube Ads

Now you can quickly extract extensive lists of highly relevant and popular YouTube videos with monetization enabled and start showing your ads on all of those videos in minutes.

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Placement Targeting Still Works On YouTube In 2024  —  Watch This Video To Find Out How

Finding Monetized Videos To Show Your Ads Used To Be A Pain...

YouTube gives you the amazing ability to show your ads on any monetized video. Used by some of the best ads on YouTube, this is the most powerful form of targeting. However, until now, it was also the hardest targeting to put in place because there was simply no easy way to collate relevant and monetized videos on YouTube without going through the tedious process of manually identifying them, one at a time.

TubeSiftTM Makes Finding Monetized Videos An Absolute Breeze

It's time to up your game and take video advertising to the next level.

Huge Time-Saver

Stop wasting hours of time manually searching for monetized videos

Laser Targeting

Instantly reach the audiences of thousands of highly relevant videos

Boost Your ROI

Precision targeting means higher conversions, lower costs and maximum ROI

Reach More Customers

Tap into the massive audience of the 2nd largest search engine

This software is amazing! Seriously, for anyone running YouTube ads, this will save sooooo much time.

Larry Holisky Business Owner

One of my in-stream ads has a 41.8% view rate and almost 30% are watching the entire 2-min video. I used TubeSift for the research.

Adam Payne Marketing Expert

I wanted to say how much I love the platform! Using TubeSift has greatly sped up my video ad building process.

Carol Kay Songwriter, Singer

Create Eye-Catching Video Ad Companion Banners with TubeSift Banner Design Studio

TubeSift Banner Design Studio is a full-featured, drag-and-drop, easy-to-use banner creation tool that you can use to create video ad companion banners, custom video thumbnails, graphics for your website/blog and any other types of banners. Banner Design Studio includes more than 500 fonts and a huge collection of over 800 photos and stickers.

Exclusive Bonus for Annual Plan

  Bonus: Office Hours - Weekly Coaching Calls

When you sign up for an annual TubeSift membership, you will get bonus access to TubeSift Office Hours (worth $97/mo) - weekly coaching calls to help you with creating, launching, and scaling video ads. Get personalized help for your campaigns - video ad campaigns review, targeting tips, landing page tips, video ad script review and more! Take advantage of TubeSift Office Hours to get all your video ad questions answered and take your video ad campaigns to the next level.

  Bonus: YouTube Ads Mini Course

Get bonus access to the YouTube Ads Mini Course when you sign up for TubeSift. This is a beginner-friendly training course consisting of 7 videos designed to take you through the essentials of YouTube advertising as well as the steps to get a video ad campaign up and running quickly. Perfect if you are new to YouTube advertising or need a quick refresher. The modules in this training course are as follows:

  • Module 1: Types of Ads
  • Module 2: Video Creation
  • Module 3: Conversions & Retargeting
  • Module 4: Targeting Options
  • Module 5: Video Ad Setup
  • Module 6: Tracking & Reporting
  • Module 7: In-Video Overlay Ads Setup

So Simple To Use Yet Incredibly Powerful

Don't be deceived by its simple and clean interface. TubeSift packs a punch under its hood.

Quickly extract extensive lists of highly relevant and popular monetized videos using multiple search modes.

Discover the top channels in any niche. Extract monetized videos in channels or advertise across entire channels.

Uncover ultra-targeted keywords with unparalleled relevancy. Supports geotargeting and wildcard search.

Fully supports searching in any lanugage for videos, channels and keywords search functionalities.

Use advanced search options to refine your search by search priority, video duration, language, publish date, etc.

Create video ad companion banners, custom video thumbnails and graphics for your website/blog in minutes.

Find top videos by category and recently published videos that are getting large numbers of views.

Quickly view a list of ads seen running on videos in your search results and gain insights into your competition.

Save videos from your search results to placement lists within TubeSift and access them anywhere conveniently.

Extract the keyword tags, thumbnails and captions of any YouTube video using this tool built into TubeSift.

TubeSift is 100% cloud-based and works directly on your PC or Mac without requiring any installation.

TubeSift works beautifully on mobile phones and tablets so you can use it anywhere, anytime.

Placement Targeting still works on YouTube in 2024

Watch this video below to find out how and to see TubeSift in action.

YouTube Reaches More U.S. Adults Aged 18-34 Than Any Cable Network

6 Billion Hours of YouTube Videos Are Watched Every Month